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Resiliency Handbook: Planning for Community Resilience in Michigan

Click to see entire Resiliency Handbook

Beckett & Raeder is thrilled to present "Planning for Community Resilience in Michigan: A Comprehensive Handbook." This project was prepared in partnership between the Land Information Access Association (LIAA), and Beckett & Raeder, Inc., with valuable insight and guidance from the Michigan Association of Planning (MAP).

This important document identifies ways Michigan communities have direct or indirect connection to global forces beyond local control. These forces alter communities, food systems, critical infrastructure, natural resources, and social systems.

A local community may use this handbook to create a comprehensive approach to planning and resource management. Communities interested in becoming more resilient, assessing their vulnerabilities, and making action plans to reduce their sensitivities and exposures to hazards, will find great benefit from reading the handbook. To see the full handbook just click on the image above.

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