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Beckett & Raeder, Inc. provides a range of environmental services for land development, management, and restoration. Our staff of multi-disciplinary environmental design professionals holds an intrinsic interest in sustainability and seeks to appropriately balance needs of human development with those of the land and water. To support that goal, we actively cultivate and maintain relationships with conservation and sustainability minded organizations offering financial assistance for environmental projects.



Scope of Services:

Natural resource planning

Natural resource zoning ordinance development & administration

Natural features inventories

LEED Certification

Woodland determination & tree ordinances

Site evaluation & analysis

Low impact, conservation design & development 

Wetland determination, delineation & permitting

Inland Lakes & Streams permitting

Floodplain permitting

Critical dunes permitting

Innovative stormwater management

Wetland creation, restoration & management

Woodland creation, restoration & management

Prairie creation, restoration & management

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