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BRI Welcomes Planner Michelle Bennett

Planner Michelle Bennett

We haven't had a Welcome Friday in a while - but our team is growing again! Planner Michelle Bennett has decided to trade the sea for freshwater as she joins us from California.

Michelle grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area and moved south to sunny San Diego for a dual Bachelor of Arts in Urban Studies and Economics. Michelle continued south to Santiago, Chile where she worked at an NGO focused on affordable housing. She eventually returned to graduate school, moving to Ann Arbor to attend University of Michigan's Urban and Regional Planning Program and graduated in May 2016. When she's not planning, Michelle enjoys going hiking, floating down rivers, and reading.

At Beckett & Raeder, Michelle has assisted with writing a Five Year Recreation Plan for Pittsfield Township, a Downtown Strategic Update for the City of Northville, and is now partnering with the State of Michigan to offer technical assistance to ten communities across the state as part of the Rising Tide initiative.

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