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Beckett & Raeder, Inc. (BRI) has been the design and engineering consultant to the City of Petoskey on development of the municipal marina since 1987. During the ensuing period, BRI has accomplished numerous projects at the marina resulting in extensive infrastructure improvements, landside parking and pedestrian improvements and expansion of docking space.


Where required, BRI has applied for and obtained the necessary permits from the Michigan Department of Natural resources and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.  In addition BRI has worked within the requirements of the various funding agencies including the Michigan Waterways Commission and the local Tax Increment Financing Authority.


Projects include:


Marina Promenade and Revetment
This project included stabilization of the marina basin shoreline with graded limestone rock ranging in size to approximately two tons per unit. It also included a main concrete header walkway connecting the marina piers and service building and Harbormaster office. Pedestrian amenities included benches, picnic shelter, and extensive landscaping.


Diversion Pier Construction
An approximately 380 foot long by 16 foot wide pier was added to the marina basin to divert the discharge from the Bear River away from the docking area to control the deposit of sediments and reduce the need for annual maintenance dredging. The pier consists of a "sandwich" of steel pile with earth fill.  Amenities include a concrete walkway, benches, pipe railing, grass and tree plantings, and a cantilevered boardwalk. 


Main Pier Construction
This project included replacement of the concrete cap on the historic main pier and the addition of utilities, decorative lighting and pedestrian amenities to serve the existing fixed piers and new adjustable finger piers.


Finger Piers
Approximately fourteen adjustable finger piers were added to the diversion pier and main pier.  Each pier is a 32' long prefabricated steel and wood structure supported on 12" diameter pipe piles.

Marina & Boat Launch
Petoskey, Michigan
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