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The findings of the Marquette Lower Harbor Study identified the opportunities available to the Marquette community to utilize this former rail yard and industrial site for a mixed-use development.  In response to the study, City officials, in conjunction with Beckett & Raeder, Inc., put in place an implementation program for the property.


Because the project location was considered a brownfield, a multi-disciplinary project team including the City Administration, environmental legal counsel, and an environmental testing firm was established to begin the complex process associated with the site's redevelopment. Implementation phasing for the project included the following:



  • Mass site grading involving the movement, disposition, and placement of over 140,000 cubic yards of material.

  • Installation of an 16-inch water transmission main and 8-inch water service to proposed redevelopment sites.

  • Installation of a 20-inch sanitary sewer force main and sanitary sewer services to proposed redevelopment sites.

  • Construction of a new 24 footpath. 

  • Construction of a 12 foot shared pathway for non-motorized traffic.

  • Construction of retaining walls and pavilions.

  • Site landscaping including the installation of native plant materials.

  • Preparation of a developer Request For Proposal.

  • Preparation of project site development guidelines and restrictions.

  • Daylighting the enclosed Whetstone Brook and re-establishing the riparian areas along the stream corridor.

  • Integrated signage system.


Project construction commenced in 2003, with a scheduled completion date of 2005 for all public utilities and site amenities. Private development of townhomes, and single family homes began in 2004 and are now part of the landscape. The Lower Harbor is enjoyed by visitors and residents alike and both can be seen walking the pathways day and night.

Lower Harbor Implementation
Marquette, Michigan
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