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Beckett & Raeder, Inc. and their sub-consultants, The Strategic Edge, developed an effective market analysis/ strategy for the Downtown District of the City of Alpena. The primary focus of this analysis was the specific downtown district served by the DDA and also the imapct zones immediately adjacent to the downtown district. The goal was to develop strategies that to serve as a basis for enhancement of the existing retail, service and other businesses, provide guidance and direction in the recruitment of new opportunities, and establish stronger utilization and linkages with the Thunder Bay River and Lake Huron.


The Strategic Plan Process included:

• Review of Existing Plans

• Visioning Workshops

• Stakeholder Interviews

• Building & Site Assessment

• Land Use Analysis

• Board Planning Session

• Preliminary Strategic Plan

• Implementation Strategy and Final Strategic Plan

• Final Report and Public Presentation


The Market Analysis Process included:

• Intercept Surveys

• Definition of Trade Area and Characteristics

• Telephone Interviews

• Downtown and Competition Analysis

• Market Analysis and Tenant Mix Recommendations

• Report and Presentation


The Plan included recommendations for short-term and long-term actions steps for implementation detailing potential costs, financing/revenue sources, identifying and prioritizing primary tasks and/or projects to accomplish, and a timeline for these recommendations. These recommendations were also utilized to update the DDA Development and TIF Plans.


Further, the Strategic Plan recommended conversion of the Harborside Mall to high density housing and reuse of the former Fletcher Paper Factory site for a mixed-use development along the Thunder Bay River.

Alpena Downtown Strategic
Market Analysis Plan
Alpena, Michigan

2016 Landscape Architectural Sustainability Honor Award

Michigan Chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects

2013 Great Lakes Park, Facility, & Recreation Program Award
Great Lakes Park Trailing Institute
2012 Oak Land Award
Oakland County
2011 Landscape Design Award
Michigan Recreation & Park Association
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