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The City of Ann Arbor identified operational and safety deficiencies at the intersection of Nixon Road and Huron Parkway, a juncture that borders both commercial and residential land uses on Ann Arbor’s north side. In addition to the deficiencies of the intersection, the City also acknowledged that the area lacked on street parking, provisions for alternative transportation, storm water management, and that the roadway pavement was in very poor condition. The City commissioned the team of OHM and Beckett & Raeder, Inc. to develop a comprehensive design solution, as well as to perform the public outreach and solicit feedback from stakeholders.


Ultimately, a single-lane modern, compact roundabout was identified as the preferred solution for its benefits to both vehicular and nonmotorized circulation. Stakeholder interviews and public meetings attended by more than 100 people resulted in unique modifications and considerations to the design to provide a solution that best met the needs of the specific users of this intersection. Universal Design was an overall goal in the design of the roundabout. For example, texturized pavement was placed in the approach lanes to the roundabout to audibly alert pedestrians, especially those with hearing impairments, of approaching vehicles. The project also entailed extensive landscaping of the right-of-way, including in the islands that were introduced as part of the round-about design, as a means of visually enhancing this important commercial to residential transition zone.

Nixon Road Roundabout
Ann Arbor, Michigan

2016 Landscape Architectural Sustainability Honor Award

Michigan Chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects

2013 Great Lakes Park, Facility, & Recreation Program Award
Great Lakes Park Trailing Institute
2012 Oak Land Award
Oakland County
2011 Landscape Design Award
Michigan Recreation & Park Association
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