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The Bloomer Park property is 28 acres of stunning beauty. Dramatic topographic features in the park include tall bluffs along Grass Lake, several glacial kettle wetlands, and rolling upland hills. While State Park status protected the park from development and preserved its spectacular ecosystems for many years, the park began falling into disrepair beginning in the 1970s as State budgets dwindled. Eventually, all the State Park amenities were removed and the park was largely forgotten. 


White Lake Township’s purchase of the property became an opportunity to re-envision it as a recreational asset. After decades of neglect, Township residents cast a vision for the property as a “natural area” park with passive recreational uses. With the assistance of Beckett & Raeder, Inc., the White Lake Township Parks and Recreation Committee held community meetings to guide development of a detailed plan for the park sensitive to its natural features. 


Construction began in late Summer 2012 and was completed in Spring 2013. The end result spectacularly achieves its goal of complimenting the park’s natural features. Improvements included universally accessible limestone fines paths, benches and interpretive panels, a picnic shelter, and an overlook platform where visitors can enjoy the experience of being out over the water, relaxing on the benches or trying their luck at the universally accessible fishing area. Other improvements included vehicular parking and trail surfaces that are permeable and universally accessible limestone. Any storm water that runs off the permeable parking area is directed to an infiltration bioswale. The park improvements also feature natural timber and fieldstone construction hearkening back to State Park aesthetics defined by local materials.

Bloomer Park
White Lake, Michigan
2014 Landscape Design Award

Michigan Recreation & Park Association

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