Acme Township brought together a broad range of stakeholders from within the township and across the region to create a common vision for how the full range of land uses in the Shoreline District could be designed or redesigned. The goal was to create a place that attracts people while protecting the environment with the understanding that maintaining excellent water quality is central to the enjoyment of the shoreline. 


The conceptual plans represent a long-term vision for how the business districts along the US-31 and M-72 corridors can look and function. They present a conceptual mix of land uses and public improvements aimed at creating an identifiable image and viable economic center for the Township. Primary placemaking components of the plans include a significant emphasis on walkability, multimodal accessibility, and connectivity among the business districts, waterfront, and existing regional facilities.

Acme Shores Placemaking
Acme, Michigan
2014 Planning Award

Grand Traverse County