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Benjamin Tallerico


Senior Associate

Benjamin began his career with Beckett & Raeder in 2006, leading their affiliate, Vilican Leman Associates. As a native Detroiter, he has continued working to better the historic core city. Ben has served on various boards and committees for Wayne State University, SEMCOG, and neighborhood organizations. He has also taught in the graduate planning program at three urban center universities, including Wayne State University. His knowledge of Detroit has fueled the rumor that he helped Rand McNally update the map of Detroit because there were places that even they would not go. Ben's passion for cities has led him to being selected to give tours for Preservation Detroit, MCC&VB and national conferences. He currently conducts his own tours - Tallerico Tours - of Detroit, where once a year he transforms into his character “Demented Doctor D” for his Halloween Tour (see photo). An amateur pianist and jazz enthusiast, Ben spends his free time at various jazz clubs and traveling with his wife and two daughters. His favorite thing about BRI is all the different disciplines. “Learning is a thrill and working at BRI has given me the ability to expand my knowledge beyond just a planning perspective by interacting, and learning from landscape architects, engineers, and environmentalists.”

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